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deviation in storage by vermilion--vermouth
deviation in storage by vermilion--vermouth
deviation in storage by vermilion--vermouth


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Take a breath. Close your eyes. See if you can remember.

Where were you when the world ended?


2125 – The government had given up years ago, and maybe that was where the problem really  started. Maybe it really was all a crisis of faith—interpersonal, instead of religious. People stopped believing in each other years ago.

It all came to a head on a sticky summer night in Solomon City. Pretty much right at the intersection of 5th and Noirstein, actually. One minute it was a run of the mill intersection, trampled by unconcerned passersby on the way to scenic anywhere else, and the next there was this massive door in the middle of downtown.


The Gates of Hell appeared on the side of a big marble bank building with In G-d We Trust written above the door, like someone down there or up there or over there had one seriously warped sense of humor.

There was no sudden eruption of violence, no evil dictate delivered to the cowering masses. In fact, a few of the people standing closest to the doors—of the ones still down here—said that they heard a knocking, like someone was asking permission to come in.

And they did.

A whole mess of them, all of different shape and size and mannerism—they all came through to our side, and no one knew—no one had any idea what to do about it. So of course, humanity did what it did best:

Lost its damn mind.

The Devils were forced to sequester themselves in a separate, magically enforced district to keep the racial purists out while everyone else launched a full-on civil war.

In the streets, already, you could hear people whisper the word:



[ Angepill : Phase One ]


The mid-to-upper classes have sequestered themselves away from the rest of the civilian population, and are now guarded by a large defense firm known only as Security. Most of the scientific and medical community has gone with them, as well as a decent chunk of religious movers and shakers.

Civil war has begun outside of their insular communities, as well as brutal but mostly ineffective warfare against Security. Amidst all of the fighting, various families and individuals are displaced and lost in the chaos.

That is what’s taking hold—absolute chaos.

Civilians are left with two choices—complete dependence on Barricade, a mostly civilian-run militia determined to protect those unable to protect themselves and based around Solomon’s outer perimeter, or independently entering the fray, at which point they may find a faction or a quick and merciless death.

Some don’t really have a choice.

Others revel in the carnage.


[ The Factions ]


-          The 27th : A group made up predominantly of teenagers and other frightened youth, led by Elliot Catch, formerly a police officer and now a ragged guardian to the most vulnerable victims of the civil fallout. The 27th began as a desperate hideout—a place for children to take shelter together, and is gradually beginning to mature. As the Brass Kids begin to find stability in each other and their beliefs, they find it in themselves to begin helping others and directly oppose more harmful factions. The 27th is slowly becoming a precinct again.

  • Notable Members :
    • Elliot Catch, former cop. Leader.
    • Dakota Catch, a former street kid. For all intents and purposes, Elliot’s son.
    • Joscelyn “Joss” ---, a former street kid.
    • Ian, a “doctor”.


-          Barricade : A civilian militia based around the outskirts of the fighting. They keep undesirable out and dependent civilians safely in.

  • Notable Members :
    • Venne Singer, angry at the world. Tired of this bs.

-          The Cleaners : A catch-all term for the murderers and marauders that stalk conflict regions looking for easy prey. Usually psychotic and always dangerous, Cleaners take advantage of the rewards offered by security for ‘eliminating’ known aggressors, often undergoing increasingly dehumanizing body modifications.

-          The Human Defense League : A group of increasingly violent racial purists bent on removing the devils from Solomon City—and from existence, given the chance. They are often referred to as White Knights. This is not an endearment.

-          Security : The independent defense contractors guarding the gated communities of the wealthy and well-advantaged. Engaged in violent conflict with pretty much everyone. Whatever end goal they were hired to help achieve, they aren’t telling. They are prepared to offer a few…rewards.

  • Notable Members :
    • Morgan

-          Praey : A militant gang flourishing in the back streets of the civilian districts, Praey is a group that believes that survival of the fittest is a game that should be mandatory for all living creatures. You can't win if you don't play the game, and spoilsports will be shot on sight. Their leader is referred to as the Dread.

  • Notable Members :
    • Grato Ornelas, the Dread.
    • Amanda Blickman
    • James Decker



[ Other Groups ]


-          Devils : A widely varied and misunderstood group of newcomers, apparently from an alternate dimension, or Hell, if we’re being narrow-minded. There has not been much dialogue at all with the devils, as violence and mass hysteria erupted quickly after the appearance of the Gate. Though many came through the portal and into our world, there are mutterings that some of them had already been in our dimension for an indeterminable stretch of time…

Devils are currently sequestered away from the human populace by heavily reinforced magical barriers.

  • Notable Members :
    • Teaze

-          Demons : Apparently not the same thing.

  • Notable Members :
    • Valentine
    • Ian
    • Zebul

-          Civilians : The frightened masses, determined to remain outside of the fighting, but also unable to leave their city behind. Many rely heavily on members of Barricade for their safety, others resolve to join up.


Future Phases to Be Announced




Character Sheet :


Who did you say you were, again?

Full Name:
Relationship Status:
Class of Origin:

Let me get a better look at you…

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Notable Features:
Standard Dress:
Personal Effects:

Any good in a fight?

Level of Aggression:

Fighting Style:
Skills and Techniques:
Weapon of Choice:
Weak Points:

You all right, there?

Medical Concerns:
Mental Health:
Requires Observation: Y/N
Dependent or Independent:
Significant Ties:

You’ll fit in just fine.

Introvert or Extrovert:

Sense or IntuitionBased:
Personality Traits:
Talents or Skills:
Significant Belongings:
Parents / Guardians:
Personal History:


Back again already?

Full Name:

Look at yourself, Skag.

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Notable Features:
Standard Dress:
Personal Effects:

Look what you did.

Head Mods:
Arm Mods:
Leg Mods:
Torso Mods:
Sensory Mods:

You’re not even human anymore.

Personality Traits:
Significant Belongings:
Lingering Ties:
Personal History:

You’d do anything for a fix.

Modus Operandi:
Preferred ID Trophy:
Cannibal? Y/N
Work Ethic:
Are you hungry yet?
More Journal Entries









No deviants to display.


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